Teaka Tea Spirits – 2020 year in review

Welcome to the Teaka Tea Spirits 2020 year in review. Great to have you part of our community! Teaka is the world’s first craft producer of alcoholic Tea Spirits (tea vodka). Based in Melbourne Australia, we are dedicated to the production of natural handcrafted alcoholic tea beverages.

After 18 months of research, we launched Teaka and released our first products in spring 2020. And what a year to get started! 2020 was a year of massive uncertainty, change and adaptation for everybody. Covid-19’s global spread has wreaked havoc on every part of the earth. It has brought home to us the mortality of the human race. Nonetheless it wasn’t a bad year to start our journey.

Benefit of Time

One of the benefits that has come out of 2020 is time. The Coronavirus pandemic has given us precious time to spend with our loved ones. Time to get back to the basics, to remind ourselves of what really matters in life, and to let our creative juices flow! Many new ideas emerged during 2020 because people have had downtime. What a joy it is to explore new hobbies, to read more books and to play more games.

Teaka was born with the sole purpose of bringing joy to the world by revitalising taste buds in a natural way. To bring the wonderfully subtle yet refreshing taste of tea to the alcohol world. We wanted people to thoroughly enjoy the taste of a clean spirit – the same way that they enjoy the fresh taste of tea – and to have fun in the process. The nexus between clean living and fun loving all in one.

Teaka Tea Spirits founders
What a Year!

2020 was a whirlwind for Teaka. During the year we moved from researching products, recipes and tastes into production. We launched the Teaka brand officially early in the year and, after our years of research, got good feedback from the market. Tastings, survey groups and more tinkering, allowed us to settle on our first couple of recipes. At that point we knew that we had the foundations in place to share fun and happiness with the community through taste.

Then came the challenges of sourcing equipment, stock and ingredients… during Covid when everything was in lock down! Nothing was easy nor fast. Every order was online, required a sample, and was delayed weeks (even months) due to shipping delays. Slowly we sourced what we needed and were able to bring the pieces together. Eventually we ere able to launch our first two Teaka products – Peppermint Cocoa and Pekoe Berry.

It wasn’t too long after that, in the last quarter, that we were able to launch our third product – Camomile Vanilla. This was followed by the release of our Fruit Blend product very late in the year. Quite an achievement and super exciting to bring a totally new alcoholic “Tea Spirits” category to the market! Pure passion represented in a delectably tasting new tea vodka drink.

Our first year also saw Teaka appear in a number of stores and restaurants in Melbourne. We are now working with lovely partners who share our passion for Teaka’s refreshing tastes and aspire to clean living. We are thoroughly enjoying working with key retailers and wholesalers including Dan Murphy’s and Kaddy, and are loving working with our precious customers.

The Silver Lining – Medal Winner!

And then there was a massive silver lining to end the year… In December we decided to submit one of our products, Pekoe Berry, to the Asia International Spirits Competition judged in Hong Kong. The competition is highly competitive, against leading global spirits, and it is judged by experienced trade buyers across the Asian region and globally. A good opportunity to get honest feedback and brand profile.

We are super excited to share that our product was awarded a medal in the flavoured vodka category! See: Asia International Spirits Competition 2020 Results. An amazing achievement to cap off a very busy year. Really excited about 2021 and the opportunity to share joy and fun with the world through natural refreshing tastes.

2021 – awareness, tastings & presence

Our focus for 2021 is to drive awareness, to give our customers more tasting opportunities and to create a presence in the market. Awareness is our biggest priority, however as important is to give those customers the opportunity to taste our products. We know from experience that if customers hear about Teaka and taste our products, then the rest will look after itself.

We welcome any opportunity to get in front of fun loving people. Give us a shout if you know anybody who would like a tasting and we will gladly assist. Really looking forward to an exciting 2021, to sharing it with you all.

Feel free to connect with us if you have any questions at all. You can follow us on our Social Networking groups at:

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