Teaka quietly wins another coveted Spirits Award

While we have all been hibernating over winter here in Australia, Teaka has quietly gone about winning another award. Following some great feedback from our customers in late 2021, we decided to put our Fruit Blend product forward for an award at the Melbourne International Spirits Competition in 2022. We are very flattered to have received another coveted award, thanks guys!

Teaka Fruit Blend is a Tea Aperitif produced using the finest English Breakfast tea, apples, various fruits and local botanicals. A wonderfully fruity classic black tea alcoholic beverage with a traditional sweet palate and lovely aroma. A fruity taste with the fresh tannins in the black tea, not overbearingly so, very refreshing in fact. Our traditional beverage. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

About Teaka

Teaka is a craft spirits producer based in Melbourne Australia. Our purpose is to produce a world-first refreshing alcoholic tea aperitif. A multi-award winning light spirit, low sugar. Bursting with Flavour. Designed specifically for those who seek clean living, yet still enjoy having a drink to relax. Those who choose to balance health with small indulgences.

About Melbourne International Spirits Competition

Melbourne International Spirits Competition is the only International Spirits Competition where all the judges are real trade buyers, who are judging the spirit by category and actual price. These judges are buyers from the top Australian liquor stores, restaurants, hotels and more.