Teaka signs an agreement with Buy2Sell to distribute our tea spirits into Vietnam

Melbourne, Australia, 18 September 2021 – Today we are excited to announce that Teaka has signed a distribution agreement with Buy2Sell to distribute our Teaka Tea Spirits range of products into Vietnam.

This agreement introduces the Teaka brand into the Asian market, a big tea drinking country, taking our Australian brand to the next stage.


Buy2Sell is Vietnam’s #1 Distribution Service and B2B Platform into Vietnam, part of LLHP PTE LTD based out of Singapore. They purchase goods from international suppliers to distribute to local buyers. This takes care of the full process of import, promotion and distribution into the Vietnamese market.

Buy2Sell cooperates with a network of 9,000 Vietnamese retailers and wholesalers and have showrooms in all of the major cities. Dedicated shelves in 200+ retail stores of the top 10 retailers across the country. A leading retail player in the Vietnamese market.

In addition to being available in store, this agreement puts Teaka on Buy2Sell’s Ecommerce platform at www.buy2sell.vn, alongside other leading global brands for retailers and consumers to purchase. Buy2Sell’s retail partner network includes Lotte, Emart and a number of other leading retailers. This gives Teaka’s products maximum exposure in that market.

Teaka Spirits

Teaka Tea Spirits are a perfect drink for a warm climate such as Vietnam’s. Our Tea Spritzers bring out the natural refreshing tastes of tea and local fruits, an aperatif that may be served in a carafe or jug. Additionally customers can make tasty tea cocktails quickly or choose to sip on Teaka on the rocks.

This is ideal for customers seeking natural tastes that are clean and refreshing, akin to sparkling alcoholic iced tea.

“We are super excited to be partnering with Buy2Sell to promote Teaka into such an exciting market. Vietnam is the fastest growth market for convenience stores in Asia, with the second biggest retail sector in the region.” said Craig Westcott founder of the Teaka Spirits company. “We are really looking forward to introducing Asia to the new world of alcoholic tea.”