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Award winning natural alcoholic Tea Spirit. Light spirit, low sugar, low carbohydrates. Enjoy our spirits with your meal for a taste sensation, drink them as an aperatif Tea Spritzer, or try a Tea Cocktail today!

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Teaka Pekoe Berry Tea Spirit - alcoholic tea spirit

Teaka Pekoe Berry

Double Medal Winner. London Spirits Competition 2021. Asia International Spirits Competition, Hong Kong December 2020.

Get a complex blend of deep earthy flavours, enriched with cocoa to tantalise your taste buds and surround your senses.

Teaka Pekoe Berry is a tea spirit produced using the finest Orange Pekoe tea, strawberries, grapes, cocoa and a surprising secret earthy ingredient giving it a gorgeous purple hue. It offers an earthy, berry taste accompanies by a grounding complexity. This is capped off with a cocoa aftertaste. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

This drink is designed for an afternoon/evening of fun out and about on the town! Best consumed on the rocks with a dash of lemonade and a squeeze of lemon juice. This really brings out the earthiness. It's been labeled our "better than Pimms and lemonade" mix .

Teaka Peppermint Cocoa

Enjoy a decadent minty cleanser to keep you alert, alive and to make it a memorable uplifting experience.

Teaka Peppermint Cocoa is a tea spirit produced using the finest peppermint tea, cocoa, vanilla and mint leaves. It provides the nexus between mint and chocolate tastes. Experience an uplifting and somewhat sweetish taste, with a cooling effect, quickly followed by a decadent woody and nutty aftertaste. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

This is mint with a difference! Like shifting from chocolate to Peppermint Crisp. Teaka Peppermint Cocoa works unbelievably well as a minty alternative to the familiar "Pina Colada" cocktail. It's amazing on it's own though, as a sipping drink, neat on the rocks or with a dash of lemonade/soda.

Teaka Peppermint Cocoa Tea Spirit - alcoholic tea spirit
Teaka Fruit Blend Tea Spirit - alcoholic tea spirit

Teaka Fruit Blend

Liven up your day with a wonderful blend of apple, pear and local botanicals.

Teaka Fruit Blend is a tea spirit produced using the finest English Breakfast tea, apples, pears, lemon and various botanicals. It offers a wonderfully fruity classic black tea alcoholic beverage with a traditional sweet palate and lovely aroma. Taste the lemon, get the subtle fresh tannins. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

Drink Fruit Blend anytime of the day or night, just as you would sip on your favourite English Breakfast tea. Or as a replacement for lemon iced tea – but more fun as it is an alcoholic version! Best consumed on the rocks with ginger ale or your favourite ginger beer. This really adds complexity and offers rich flavours, particularly when garnished with a cinnamon stick.

Our traditional lemon iced tea alcoholic drink with a twist.

Teaka Camomile Vanilla

Sit back, chill out and kick your legs up. Take in the evening stillness while enjoying our rich honey vanilla all-of-body experience.

Teaka Camomile Vanilla is a tea spirit produced using the finest camomile tea, honey and vanilla. It provides the calming and soothing effect of camomile caressing your whole body. It's subtle and slightly sweet with floral undertones followed by a note of honey vanilla. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

Ideal as a drink for sipping gently at the end of a busy day. Camomile Vanilla is designed specifically for relaxing and putting all of the day's stresses well and truly behind you. It's best consumed straight on the rocks as a sipping drink or top up with a dash of soda. Smooth and calming. The ultimate "end of the day/night" beverage to wind down to.

Teaka Camomile Vanilla Tea Spirit
Teaka Rooibos Lemon Tea Spirit

Teaka Rooibos Lemon

Let yourself soak up the spicy, woody flavours of this wonderful seasonal blend. Soothing, yet lively and zesty with a lemon cinnamon tang.

Teaka Rooibos Lemon is a tea spirit produced using the finest Rooibos tea, honey, lemon and cinnamon. It gives you the full-bodied sweetness and nuttiness of the Rooibos (Red Bush) tea, containing woody notes, which is carefully balanced with the soothing lilt of honey lemon and a spicy cinnamon finish. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

This drink is vivacious, but at the same time feels healing. It's our spicy recipe perfect for curling up in front of the fire with! It goes very well on the rocks with a dash of soda and particularly ginger ale.

The ideal and tasty addition for Autumn, as the leaves change and the world takes a deep breath.

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Clean | Light | Refreshing