Teaka Rooibos Lemon


Soak up the spicy, woody flavours of this wonderful seasonal blend. Soothing, yet lively and zesty with a lemon spicy tang. Liven up you day with Teaka Rooibos Lemon.


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Award Winning Spirit. Bronze Medal at Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2021.

Teaka Rooibos Lemon is an aperitif produced using the finest Rooibos tea, honey, lemon and various botannicals. The full-bodied nuttiness of the Rooibos (Red Bush) tea, containing woody notes, is carefully balanced with the soothing lilt of honey lemon and a spicy finish. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

This drink is vivacious, but at the same time feels healing. Our spicy recipe perfect for curling up in front of the fire with! Perfect for a cooler day and may be consumed anytime of the day or night, whether on the move or while stealing a quiet moment. It goes very well on the rocks with a dash of soda and particularly ginger ale.

The ideal and tasty addition for Autumn, as the leaves change and the world takes a deep breath. Rooibos tea’s popularity is rising because of it’s wholesome flavour and health benefits. Why not take advantage of this and enjoy your perfect seasonal blend.

Weight 1.5 kg
Low Carb

Low sugar, zero carbohydrate beverage, Keto friendly

Award Winning

International award winning spirit, medal at Melbourne Spirits Competition

Aussie Made

Australian made craft spirit, all local natural ingredients


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