Teaka Peppermint Cocoa


Stay alert, keep alive and soak up the freshness. Envelop your senses with our decadent minty cleanser. Make it a memorable uplifting experience with Teaka Peppermint Cocoa.


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Teaka Peppermint Cocoa is an aperitif produced using the finest peppermint tea, cocoa, mint and various botannicals. The nexus between mint and chocolate. An uplifting and somewhat sweet taste with a cooling effect, is quickly followed by a decadent nutty aftertaste. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

This is mint with a difference. Like shifting from chocolate to Peppermint Crisp – a giant leap in taste. Teaka Peppermint Cocoa works unbelievably well as a peppermint alternative to the familiar “Pina Colada” cocktail (see our cocktails section). Amazing on it’s own though, as a sipping drink.

Drink neat on the rocks or with a dash of lemonade/soda. Or why not try one of our cocktails.

Weight 1.4 kg
Low Carb

Low sugar, zero carbohydrate beverage, Keto friendly

Aussie Made

Australian made craft spirit, all local natural ingredients


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