Teaka Camomile Vanilla

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Sit back, chill out and kick your legs up. Take in the evening stillness while enjoying our rich honey vanilla all-of-body taste experience. Relax with Teaka Camomile Vanilla.


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Award Winning Spirit. Silver Medal at Melbourne International Spirits Competition 2021.

Teaka Camomile (Chamomile) Vanilla is a tea aperitif produced using the finest camomile tea, vanilla and local botannicals. The calming and soothing effect of chamomile tea caresses your whole body. Subtle and slightly sweet, with rich undertones, followed by a floral note of vanilla. 700mL bottle 20% ABV.

Ideal as a drink for sipping gently at the end of a busy day. Camomile Vanilla is designed specifically for relaxing and putting all of the days’ stresses well and truly behind you. Although you may choose to top it up with a dash of soda or even lemonade, this drink is best consumed straight on the rocks as a sipping drink. It is smooth and calming.

The ultimate “end of the day” (or even “end of the night”)¬†beverage. For when you want to put the day behind you and wind down.

Weight 1.3 kg
Low Carb

Low sugar, zero carbohydrate beverage, Keto friendly

Award Winning

International award winning spirit, medal at Melbourne Spirits Competition

Aussie Made

Australian made craft spirit, all local natural ingredients

1 review for Teaka Camomile Vanilla

  1. Sarah Draper

    Best drink after a long day and want a nice relaxing night!! Goes great with a slice of lemon as well.

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