How to enjoy Tea Spirits – an alcoholic tea preparation guide

Tea Spirits have been around since early 2020. They were first produced in Australia by Teaka, a craft spirit company, as a light spirit that is natural, low carbohydrate and low sugar. After enjoying the taste of tea spirits the main question that customers keep asking us is: “what is the best way to drink tea spirits”. In order to answer this question we have put together this guide to mixing, drinking and enjoying alcoholic Tea Spirits.

For background, alcoholic tea beverages have recently emerged on the market. Most of them are pre-mix drinks or derivations of Iced Tea / Kombucha (sometimes called hard tea). Unlike those drinks, Tea Spirits are a 20% alcoholic spirit that may be enjoyed in a number of ways including in cocktails and in a range of mixed drinks. They produced in a similar way to other spirits but use tea as a base ingredient combined with local botanicals; so introduce a large variety of fresh tastes. Tea Spirits therefore pair well with tasty foods, creating a taste sensation.

Making a Tea Spritzer

The first way to enjoy Tea Spirits is to make a Tea Spritzer. A tea spritzer is a chilled drink made from tea spirits, soda and lemonade. Generally, a slice of lemon is squeezed in the beverage too in order to bring out its flavors. This is one of the simplest ways to enjoy tea spirits and is ideal for a sunny day or evening. Tea Spritzers are typically consumed as an aperatif before a meal.

A few recipes are shown at the following link: Tea Spritzer Recipes (with our main recipe below). Note that we use ginger ale or ginger beer rather than lemonade for some tea spritzer products, eg. Rooibos Lemon or Fruit Blend.

  • Teaka Tea Spirits (30ml) – any Teaka product
  • Soda water (30ml)
  • Lemonade (60ml)
  • Squeeze a few drops of juice from a lemon slice
  • Garnish!!
Fresh Tease Tea Spirit
Fresh Tease: Peppermint Cocoa Tea Spritzer
Calm Teazz Tea Spritzer
Calm Teazz: Chamomile Vanilla Tea Spritzer
Teaka Summer Tea Spritzer
Teaka Summer: Pekoe Berry Tea Spritzer

Spiced Tea Spirits

Spiced Tea Spirits are a warm, spicy drink made with cinnamon-based Rooibos Lemon Tea Spirit. It is an alcoholic tea alternative to the familiar mulled wine (or spiced wine) that makes an appearance during colder months of the year. Designed for sipping on a chilly night curled up in front of the fire, or for drinking on a cool evening out.

Our recipe is quite simple for this drink. You will need a pot to heat up your drink on the stove along with a few ingredients. For a single drink:

  • Pour 50ml of Teaka Rooibos Lemon Tea Spirit in a pot & place the pot on the stove
  • Add a few pieces of cinnamon stick to the pot
  • Cut a couple of slices of ginger & lemon and add these pieces to the pot
  • Pour 100ml of Water into the pot
  • Heat up the mixture for 10 minutes (don’t bring it to boil)
  • Pour into a tea pot, filter, and serve
How to prepare a Teaka Roobos Lemon Spiced Tea Spirit

Sipping on Tea Spirits

There are a number of Tea Spirits that fit nicely in the “spirit sipping” category. These drinks are similar to a favourite whiskey, port or a very good quality red wine. Smooth, complex and full of flavour. A rich assortment of aromas to tantalise your taste buds.

  • Teaka Camomile Vanilla tea spirit is the first of these. This is a subtle tasting drink that is slightly sweet and somewhat fruity, with rich undertones, followed by a floral note of honey vanilla. Great for sipping on at the end of a long day, during your quiet time.
  • Teaka Peppermint Cocoa is a refreshing minty tea spirit providing an uplifting and somewhat sweetish taste. Its cooling effect is quickly followed by a decadent woody and nutty aftertaste. The nexus between mint and chocolate. Great as a desert cocktail too.

To prepare a Tea Spirit for sipping, you simply pour 50mL of the spirit in a glass tumbler. You can then add a small amount of water (5-10mL) to open up the flavour notes (and/or a small ice cube if you choose). That’s it. Sip away and enjoy the rich flavours!

Note that Teaka Rooibos Lemon is also a great sipping beverage, spicy and woody, as is Teaka Pekoe Berry, which is earthy and complex.

Making Tea Cocktails

There are a growing number of tea cocktails available with a range of flavours and taste experiences. In this area we are only limited by our imagination. A few examples are shown in the following document: Tea Cocktails. This contains a bunch of wonderful recipes for you to try out!

One example is a Calm Tease Tea Cocktail made from the award winning Teaka Pekoe Berry Tea Spirit.

Calm Tease Tea Cocktail

Calm Tease Tea Cocktail Recipe:

Light, easy cherry notes with Chamomile on the finish. Very refreshing!

Add the following ingredients into a cocktail shaker:

  • 45 mL Teaka Chamomile Vanilla
  • 15mL lemon juice
  • 2 dashes Peychauds bitters
  • Barspoon almond syrup
  • 10 mL Aquafaba
  • Place in a shaker, do your Thang.. and double strain
  • Recommended – garnish is a little Chamomile flower

Pour gently into a cocktail glass & garnish with lemon peel

Another example is our Tea Martini made from Teaka Fruit Blend, an alcoholic lemon iced tea equivalent.

Teaka Martini Tea Cocktail

Teaka Martini Tea Cocktail Recipe:

Somewhat dry, somewhat sweet, a light trace of tannins.

Add the following ingredients into a cocktail shaker:

  • Teaka Fruit Blend (90mL)
  • Cinzano Bianco Vermouth (30mL)
  • Ice cubes
  • Squeeze a few drops of juice from a lemon slice
  • Shake for 30 seconds (“shaken not stirred”)

Pour gently into a cocktail glass and garnish with lemon peel.

Pairing Tea Spirits with Food

Finally, given the nature of tea – the variety of rich flavours, their subtle yet complex tastes and the experience that they offer us – it isn’t surprising that tea pairs very well with food. Tea & Food Pairing with delectable meals is just starting to become “a thing” at top quality restaurants. Alcoholic Tea & Food Pairing is therefore something that needs to be explored in more detail (see this link for a guide).

We will publish more about this topic in the coming months, including alcoholic tea and food pairings that we discover. In short, though, we find that black-tea based products (eg. Fruit Blend or Pekoe Berry) pair well with red meat meals that are rich and filling. Both flavours are strong, so they complement each other well. By the same token we find that our floral/sweeter products (eg. Camomile or Peppermint) pair well with lighter meals and deserts.

Teaka Tea Spirits - Pairing Food with Tea Spirits

To summarise, there are many ways of enjoying alcoholic tea or tea spirits. These drinks cater to all seasons with a range of tastes and experiences.

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