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  • Book a Teaka Tasting

    • Teaka tastings typically take place on a Friday or Saturday night and last for approx. 2 hours
    • Taste 4 Teaka tea spirits from the comfort of your own home
    • Mix our favourite 3 Tea Cocktails
    • Get all the information straight from our chief tea spirit maker - learn about this exciting new beverage
    • Get a sneak peak into new flavours - new taste sensations coming your way!
    • Join the fun and learn all at the same time
    • We look forward to showing you a fantastic Teaka spirit experience!

  • Teaka Tastings Include

    • A sample pack of 5 Teaka Spirits in 100ml bottles per person
    • A cocktail recipe sheet and mixing instructions
    • Select ingredients to be used for the cocktails
    • Contact us to book or for a quote for large groups
    • Send questions/bookings by clicking 'Contact Us' below


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of spirit is Teaka actually? Gin/Vodka/other?

Teaka is closest to a Vodka, although it is a 20% ABV alcoholic beverage. Vodka is typically between 35-40% and Gin is typically over 35% alcohol content. This makes Teaka a light spirit. Teaka is all about the natural refreshing tastes.

The production of Teaka involves distillation, maceration and filtration. A different process to Gin and Vodka making. As such, Teaka is subtle but contains 'rich tastes' rather than 'big tastes'. Similar in many respects to the taste of tea, only in an alcoholic form.

What do you mean Teaka is natural and clean?

Teaka is infused in pure locally-distilled alcohol and natural water. Only the freshest teas and local fruit, herbs and botanicals are used. No added sugar, nor preservatives.

Teaka goes through a non-chemical limited filtration process to reduce sediment, without losing flavour or texture. This is really important to us, to maintain its natural quality. This makes Teaka a naturally clean product.

Does my bottle of Teaka have a best before date?

No. Teaka is a 20% ABV beverage and does not have a specified best before date.

We recommend that you drink Teaka within 6 months of buying it. Once you have opened a bottle of Teaka, we recommend that you drink it within 3-4 weeks to preserve the flavours and get the best out of it.

What's the best way to drink Teaka?

Teaka is a beverage served cold. It is best drunk as our popular Teaka Spritzer. Mix it with lemonade and soda, and a few drops of lemon juice. Very refreshing.

Tea Cocktails and sippers are also popular. Teaka is natural and full of flavour, not sugary sweet like a liqueur. Drinking it neat on the rocks as a sipper is also extremely tasty. 

My bottle of Teaka has sediment in it, should I be concerned?

No. Teaka is made of natural ingredients, so it does have sediment in it. You will expect to see particles settled at the base of the bottle, in suspension, on the surface, or there may be cloudiness in the bottle. This is normal! Shake the bottle before pouring!

Although Teaka is a spirit, it has some characteristics of red wine. Therefore it has particles in it like red wine, and we limit the filtration. Unlike wine, though, Teaka's sediment adds flavour. You will not need to decant Teaka but should mix it in to enrich the flavour. 

Tea is seasonal like grapes, so it has a large range of taste profiles and flavours (as with Teaka). Everybody has his/her own favourite tea - the range of flavours makes Teaka distinctive. 

Does Teaka need to be refrigerated?

No. Teaka should be stored at room temperature (20 degrees celsius). It is typically drunk on the rocks making it cold to drink.


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