Multi-Award Winning Taste

Teaka has won multiple international spirits awards in London, Melbourne and Hong Kong. We are creating a new Teaka taste sensation, packed full of flavour. For those who seek healthy living, those who seek quality. Where taste matters. Teaka is tantalising taste buds.


Teaka has been awarded 4 international spirits awards for a range of our Tea Spirits products at 3 coveted competitions. A testament to the brand and to what we are achieving with this new and exciting product category. Alcoholic tea is set to change global tastes.


The first of its kind in the market, Teaka is a delectable Tea with an Alcoholic twist! Produced through the maceration of a unique recipe of tea, fruit and botannicals. Launched in 2020, Teaka introduces a low carbohydrate beverage that is bursting with flavour and highly refreshing. Enjoyed in a Teaka Spritzer used or to make delectable Tea Cocktails.

“We are delighted at receiving such great accolades in these prestigious international competitions. This gives us great confidence that we are achieving what we set out to do, creating a subtle yet complex blend of flavours that may be enjoyed by both tea and alcohol drinkers alike.” Craig Westcott, founder the Teaka Spirit Company.